Silestone Worktops

Silestone worktops are possibly one of the best known brands of quartz worktops and worksurfaces within the uk.
Extremely hard wearing and available in a wide colour choice and a variety of thicknesses.

As a quartz work surface Silestone is non porous and is perfectly suited to the requirements of modern home life. Its non porous nature makes it highly resistant to staining from household products like tea, coffee etc. Silestone also incorporates a revolutionary technology called Microban
(Microban® antimicrobial protection is built-in to products during manufacturing to provide continuous antimicrobial product protection.) The introduction of this antimicrobial agent means that the worksurface is highly resitant to bacterial growth.
of our quality network fabricators. In addition Silestone is available with a 10 year limited manufacturers warranty.

Silestone Uses

Silestone Colours

Silestone colours are banded according to cost with band 1 being the most cost effective and band 4 being the most expensive.

Band 1

Beige Olimpo

Silestone Beige Olimpo, Beige Olimpo Quartz Worktops

Beige Daphne

Silestone Beige Daphne, Beige Daphne Quartz Worktops

Coral Troya

Silestone Coral Troya, Coral Troya Quartz Worktops

Gris Expo

Silestone Gris Expo, Gris Expo Quartz Worktops

Band 2

Blanco Norte

Silestone Blanco Norte, Blanco Norte Quartz Worktops

Crema Minerva

Sileston Crema Minerva, Crema Minerva Quartz Worktops

Negro Tebas

Silestone Negro Tebas, Negro Tebas Quartz Worktops

Negro Ulises

Silestone Negro Ulises, Negro Ulises Quartz Worktops


Silestone Magma, Magma Quartz Worktops

Perla Diana

Silestone Perla Diana, Perla Diana Quartz Worktops

Rojo Eros

Silestone Rojo Eros, Rojo Eros Quartz Worktops

Band 3

Alumino Nube

Silestone Alumunio Nube, Alumunio Nube Quartz WorktopS

Amarillo Arena

Silestone Amarillo Arena, Amarillo Arena Quartz Worktops

Amarillo Palmira

Silestone Amarillo Palmira, Amarillo Palmira Quartz Worktops

Blanco Capri

Silestone Blanco Capri, Blanco Capri Quartz Worktops

Azul Ugarit

Silestone Azul Ugarit, Azul Ugarit Quartz Worktops

Blanco Dune

Silestone Blanco Dune, Blanco Dune Quartz Worktops

Kona Beige

Silestone Kona Beige, Kona Beige Quartz Worktops

Marron Jupiter

Silestone Marron Jupiter, Marron Jupiter Quartz Worktops

Mont Blanc

Silestone Mont Blanc, Mont Blanc Quartz Worktops

Naranja Feugo

Silestone Naranja Feugo, Naranja Feugo Quartz Worktops

Negro Anubis

Silestone Negro Anubis, Negro Anubis Quartz Worktops

Verde Ugarit

Silestone Verde Ugarit, Verde Ugarit Quartz Worktops

Stellar Negro

Silestone Stellar Negro, Stellar Negro Quartz Worktops

Stellar Blanco

Silestone Stellar Blanco, Stellar Blanco Quartz Worktops

Stellar Negro

Silestone Stellar Eros, Stellar Eros Quartz Worktops

Stellar Marina

Silestone Stellar Marina, Stellar Marina Quartz Worktops

Stellar Rojo

Silestone Stellar Rojo, Stellar Rojo Quartz Worktops

Band 4

Grey Amazon

Silestone Grey Amazon, Grey Amazon Quartz Worktops

Tigris Sand

Silestone Tigris Sand, Tigris Sand Quartz Worktops

Brazillian Brown

Silestone Brazillian Brown, Brazillian Brown Quartz Worktops


Silestone Mahogany, Mahogany Quartz Worktops

Sonora Gold

Silestone Sonora Gold, Sonora Gold Quartz Worktops

Ebony Pearl

Silestone Ebony Pearl, Ebony Pearl Quartz Worktops

Yellow Nile

Silestone Yellow Nile

Rain Forest

Silestone Rain Forest, Rain Forest Quartz Worktops


Silestone Rhine, Rhine Quartz Worktops

Bianco River

Silestone Bianco River, Bianco River Quartz Worktops

Ivory Coast

Silestone Ivory Coast, Ivory Coast Quartz Worktops

Blanco Dali

Silestone Blanco Dali, Blanco Dali Quartz Worktops


Silestone Kensho, Kensho Quartz Worktops


Silestone Satori, Satori Quartz Worktops


Silestone Unsui, Unsui Quartz Worktops


Silestone Gedatsu, Quartz Worktops Gedatsu


Silestone Haiku, Haiku Quartz Worktops


Silestone Koan Worktops, Koan Quartz Worktops


Silestone Tao Worktops, Tao Quartz Worktops


Silestone Yukon Worktops, Yukon Quartz Worktops

Blanco Maple

Silestone Blanco Maple, Blanco Maple Quartz Worktops

Blanco Zeus

Silestone Blanco Zeus Worktops, Blanco Zeus Quartz Worktops

Rojo Vital

Silestone Rojo Vital, Rojo Vital Quartz Worktops

Amarillo Dream

Silestone Amarillo Dream, Amarillo Dream Quartz Worktops

Azul Enjoy

Silestone Azul Enjoy, Azul Enjoy Quartz Worktops

Verde Fun

Silestone Verde Fun, Verde Fun Quartz Worktops

Naranja Cool

Silestone Naranja Cool, Naranja Cool Worktops



Silestone Chrome Worktops, Chrome Quartz Worktops


Silestone Carbono Worktops, Carbono Quartz Worktops


Silestone Steel Worktops, Steel Quartz Worktops


Silestone Zirconium Worktops, Zirconium Quartz Worktops

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