Mirostone Solid Surface

Mirostone is a cost effective 25mm thick solid surface available in a variety of sheet sizes which can be seamlessly jointed to create a tailor made worktop.

Mirostone Uses

Mirostone Worktops

Mirostone is a new and exciting range of durable worksurfaces, Mirostone is 25mm thick and therefore requires no chip board core,
making it entirely waterproof. Mirostone is installed with inconspicuous joints which means it is exceptionally hygenic.

Mirostone comes in 10 distinctive designs also 7 integrated bowls and sinks and 3 undermount sinks are available to complement the range.

Mirostone Sizes

  • Worktops 3013 x 630 x 25mm
  • Bathroom tops 2510 x 370 x 25mm
  • Breakfast bars 2000 x 900 x 25mm
  • Splashbacks 3010 x 750 x 12mm / 1500x900x12mm
  • Upstands 3010 x 100 x 12mm

So as you can see Mirostone is the perfect surface for domestic kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, its versatility has something to offer every eventuality.

All mirostone decors, adhesives, tools and accsessories are available ex-stock only at Blackheath Products for immediate delivery.

Mirostone Colours

Mirostone Snow Quartz, MIROSTONE064

Mirostone Snow Quartz

Mirostone Oatmeal Pebble, MIROSTONE051

Mirostone Oatmeal Pebble

Mirostone Night Star Quartz, MIROSTONE041

Mirostone Night Star Quartz

Mirostone Galaxy Quartz, MIROSTONE031

Mirostone Galaxy Quartz

Mirostone Cosmic Gold Quartz, MIROSTONE021

Mirostone Cosmic Gold Quartz

Mirostone Coffee Pebble , MIROSTONE011

Mirostone Coffee Pebble

Mirostone Chocolate Quartz, MIROSTONE002

Mirostone Chocolate Quartz

Mirostone Storm Sky Quartz, MIROSTONE081

Mirostone Storm Sky Quartz

Mirostone Solid Bright White, MIROSTONE091

Mirostone Solid Bright White

Mirostone Soft White Pebble, MIROSTONE081

Mirostone Soft White Pebble

Mirostone Sinks

Mirostone Type A Sink

Mirostone Type A Sink

Mirostone Type B Sink

Mirostone Type B Sink

Mirostone Type C Sink

Mirostone Type C Sink

Mirostone Type D Sink

Mirostone Type D Sink

Mirostone Type E Sink

Mirostone Type E Sink

Mirostone Type F Sink

Mirostone Type F Sink

Mirostone Type G Sink

Mirostone Type G Sink

Additional Options

As a very versatile material Mirostone Offers a variety of options and additions as a worksurface

Mirostone Upstands

Coved Upstands (Integrated Upstands)

Coved Upstand, Integrated Upstand Corian coved upstands are fully integrated with your Corian worktop. By blending the upstand and worktop using a series of routing and sanding techniques it is possible to create a seamless join between the Corian worktop and upstand. This gives a strong aesthetic to the look and feel of the upstands while at the same time making them easier to clean and maintain.

Square Upstands

Square Upstand Square upstands are the basic option when it comes to Mirostone however they are often significantly cheaper due to the reduction in fabrication time. In addition remember to ask what makes our square upstands different when asking for your quotation.

Edging Details

Our Solid surface and Stone worktops combine a variety of edging details. While some are standard and are therefore included in the cost of you worktops others require a greater amount of labour and as such will incur an additional cost.

Standard Worktop Edges

Single Square Worktop EdgeSingle Round Worktop Edge

Double Round Worktop Edge


Double Bevel Worktop Edge

Double Ovolo Worktop EdgeSingle Spanish Worktop Edge

Double Spanish Worktop Edge

Single Imperial Worktop Edge

Single Ovolo Worktop Edge

Special Worktop Edges

Stepped Back Worktop Edge

Top or Front Inlay Worktop Edge



Waterfall Worktop Edge

Shark Nose Worktop Edge

Shark Nose Worktop Edge

Pan Bars / Hob Bars

If you are looking to incorporate a staging area into your kitchen for hot pans etc we can route a series of pan or hob bars into your worktops for a small additional charge. Consisting of several stainless high quality stainless steel bars they add an elegant look and feel to your kitchen while adding a practical touch.

Pop Up Sockets / Pop Ups

Modern kitchens incorporate a void space at the back of kitchen units to allow for pipework and cabling to be effectively concealed however in many cases this space offers additional and practical use. While pop up sockets are available in a variety of sizes and shapes it is also important to consider the overall look and practicallity of the unit you choose. For this reason Falkingham Fabrication reccommend choosing S-Box

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