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Corian Worktop Fabricator in Lancashire, North West England. If you would like to visit our showroom we are located just outside Preston City Centre at 1a Bilsborrow Road, Preston, PR5 4QD

As possibly the largest Corian Kitchen Worktop display in the North West we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Invented and produced by DuPont, Corian is a solid surface offering the possibilty for High tech design possibilities and excellent long-term performance, used both in the home and in many different commercial environments, from hotels to healthcare, to dental clean rooms, to retail, to marine environments.

With its balance of beauty and performance, Corian lends itself to imaginative uses, innovative designs and enduring applications.

If you can imagine it, you can probably create it with Corian.
Available in over 100 colours, Corian can be carved, routed or worked like wood, moulded, thermoformed or inlayed� the design options are almost limitless. Corian Solid Surface Worktops

Corian Kitchen Worktops Bilsborrow
Corian Worktops
Solid Surface Worktops, in Lancashire Corian, Staron, Tempest, Hanex, Richlite
Since their introduction to the UK solid surface worktops have become increasingly popular. This increase in popularity can mostly be attributed to the design versatility of these types of kitchen worktop. Initially designed for the health sector the seamless joints used to connect the worktops together, have in more recent times become a hit with architects and home owners alike. The design versatility of products like Corian worktops combined with the aesthetic appeal makes for a winning combination that’s difficult to beat.

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At Falkingham Fabrication we fabricate all types of solid surface including the main three brands or solid surface worktops Corian Worktops, Staron Worktops and Tempest Worktops.

Corian Worktops Bilsborrow
Corian Worktops the original solid surface is manufactured by dupont and as the original solid surface is probably the most well known. So what makes Corian worktops the brand leader for solid surface worktops in the industry?

Firstly Corian is made from a 100% acrylic polymer making it harder than some of the cheaper solid surfaces on the market. This in turn negates many of the arguments used by granite salesmen when trying to persuade you to buy Granite Worktops instead of Corian Worktops. If you have been researching Corian worktops for a little time and spoken to sales people here are some of the things you may have heard. Many of the statements applying to cheaper solid surface worktops do not apply to the harder acrylic polymer worktops like Corian, Staron and Tempest.

Corian Worktops Scratch. Corian Scratches But no more than any other kitchen surface.
Corian does scratch but only with excessive use such as repetitively using it as a chopping surface. This is true of all Kitchen Worktops, however the main advantage with solid surface worktops such as Corian worktops is that they can be easily repaired. Most fabricators can provide you with a chopping board in a matching colour to your worktop either included in the price or at a small additional charge. Using this Corian Chopping Board prevents worktop scratches.

Repairable Worktops
Corian Worktops are repairable seamlessly. Most serious worktop damage can be repaired using buffing or patching etc, however in the case of solid surface worktops by matching colour and pattern your worktop can be repaired seamlessly.

You can’t put hot pans on Corian. Yes you can.
Corian can withstand the day to day abuse of the modern kitchen and while putting a red hot pan onto any kitchen work surface is ill advised. In the case of solid surface worktops hob bars can easily be routed into the surface next to hobs or “staging areas” within the kitchen. This prevents colour blanching with even very hot pans.At this point it is worth noting that placing an extremely hot pan directly onto any kitchen worktop will create burn marks and or blanching of colour. In most cases manufacturers recommend the use of pan stands and trivets to prevent damage to the worktop.

Corian Worktops are expensive
Ok so there is no such thing as a cheap Corian worktops, however as mentioned in the article above Corian worktops are harder than many other solid surface worktops and are made to last. By buying direct from a Corian Fabricator like us you can SAVE MONEY ON YOUR CORIAN WORKTOPS. As a Fabricator we can save you money both in the long and short term. As a fully licensed and certified fabricator of Corian Worktops the only limit to your creativity is your imagination

Make Sure if you ask for Corian that its Corian you are getting
Corian worktops are high quality 100% Acrylic polymer worktops designed for long lasting durability and versatility backed by a 10 year guarantee from dupont. Many Fabricators offer an alternative solid surface either as a price point or a different colour option or just simply for variety. Some are similar in makeup to Corian such as Staron, Tempest and Hanex being 100% acrylic, however some are there as a price point and are lower quality solid surfaces. This does not pose a problem as long as they are not sold as Corian Worktops. If you aren’t using a recommended fabricator you may also encounter blank systems. While blank systems fulfil a requirement they limit the creativity of your kitchen. Many of these products are recommended by kitchen fitters as they are able to fit them without the need for heavy investment in additional tools. A solid surface blank system consists of a limited number of colours available in fixed widths and lengths. This reduces the overall cost of the kitchen worktops but reduces the creativity available to the kitchen designer.

Using a Certified and licensed Corian Worktops Fabricator
Using a certified fabricator up until a few years ago was a difficult prospect. Corian fabricators dealt with kitchen retailers and had little or no contact with members of the general public. Kitchen retailers where fiercely protective of their contacts as this enabled them to keep margins high. In more recent times however the internet has played an integral part in the solid surface market place. With so many companies offering worktops such as Corian, customers invariably find fabricators websites. By using a Certified and licensed Corian fabricator like us the work carried out by the fabricator is covered by DuPont’s 10 year limited warranty programme.

Corian Worktops
Corian Colours

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